Painted Chevron Wooden Box

Decorative boxes are both pretty and functional. They can be displayed on a shelf or bookcase, while also holding miscellaneous items that would look like clutter if left out in the open.

There are certainly a variety of decorative boxes available for purchase, but I enjoy the creativity of designing my own pattern and color scheme, so I bought a plain wooden box on Amazon. I decided to try painting a chevron pattern on the lid of the box.

Taping off the lines for the chevron pattern wasn’t difficult, though it was tedious and time-consuming. I used 1-inch painter’s tape, starting at the midpoint of the box lid, measuring carefully to ensure that all the lines, both vertical and diagonal, were as evenly spaced as possible. Then I painted the untaped sections, and after those areas dried, I taped off again, covering the rest of the lid with paint to complete the chevron design.

I wanted to use two neutral colors, and I prefer to use whatever craft materials I already have on hand. (Crafts can get expensive quickly!)

The decorative piece at the front of the lid is from an Etsy shop.

After painting the entire box, I used a Americana Decor gloss varnish over all the surfaces to protect it from scuffs and scratches.

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